YOG yoga house in the bog

CSP urban regeneration

CSL school compound Lugano

LID landscape design public swimming pool, Melide

KAM residential building, Massagno, competition

BIS residential building, Bissone

LIC carona public swimming pool

SOC restauration of sorgenti di Cureggia, project

CED edicola covid monument

MIC house extension, Muzzano

ING ingrado service building, Bellinzona, competition

EMA urban center "ex macello", Lugano, competition

CPT fashion school, Chiasso, competition

PUG 3 private villas in Puglia

LON residential building,

VER primary school

KUM family house in croatia

RIC2 elderly people residence

RAS residential buildings

DSU industrial urban facility

MET lakeside and resting point

FOR single family house

SAT residential and public district

BRI residential buildings and villa

GON urban district S. Maria

CIV residential building

HOL new facilities hotel splendide

BAC residential complex

CUS residential complex ginkgo

TEC national sport center in tenero

ROV residential and public district

SAC residential buildings

TEN piazza stazione quarter

BIF residential buildings

SEC public space historic center

FAG residential buildings

TOR residential tower renovation

LAG residential complex

LAS residential building

VAR museum of polish history

PIV single family house

RIC 1 elderly people residence

TON three residential buildings

MAR congress center

NOV multi - functional building

GAD grüenipark residential building

MIC single family house

BER single family house

CAS casinò lugano

MIL european library in milan

SPA single family house

GUC single family house

MEC single family house

WAG residence in zürich

KEP single family house

VIC semidetached house

FUM three apartments

BEL single family house

RAD single family house