residential buildings

project: 2012
construction: 2013-2016
client: private client
project design: luca gazzaniga architetti
construction management: Gianluca Lopes, Artech
project management: Gianluca Lopes, Artech
landscape design: Joao Nunes, PROAP

In an area undergoing transformation, this design seeks to construct an island block that harmoniously completes the urban layout, dividing the built volume into three blocks to optimise the relationship with the context and increase and diversify the views onto the panorama. The design objective was to work on the definition of a boundary that separates the building from the city, the private dimension from the public space. This boundary is physically represented by a wall of bricks that wraps around the volumes to protect the domestic sphere. The facade becomes an element of transition between the house and the urban space and is conceived to establish a balance between the need for privacy and the desire for opening towards the outside and the panoramic view. Covered loggias are treated on the outside analogically as windows and from the iside as spaces that are effectively part of the house. The character of these buildings is profoundly urban, material, solid and is based on the simplicity of language and details. The buildings have a ground floor destined to comunal service spaces for the residents, six residential floors structured around a central circulation nucleus that leads to the panoramic terraces. The external space is free from fences, because it is inteded as part of the neighbourhood, tha can be crossed and accessible to all to reinforce the urban character of this new part of the city.