piazza stazione quarter
project_competition (1st prize)_in progress

competition : 2016, 1st prize, in progress
client: private
project design: luca gazzaniga architetti
project management: Gianluca Lopes, Artech
traffic engineer: Studio Mauro Ferella Falda
landscape design: Joao Nunes, PROAP

The project seeks to give a new face to the station square of Tesserete and to the bus depot. It was decided to divide the project area into distinct functional parts connected to each other in a sequence of very balanced spaces. The east part has a large public space extending from the nucleus to the station square, where a building with administrative content on the upper floors acts simultaneously as a bus station and filtering towards the traffic area. The west side of station square is elevated. The filling thus allows to create a terrace above which residences and services can be built.