museum of polish history

competition: 2009
project design: luca gazzaniga architetti in partnership with Nicola Di Battista

The construction of Museum of Polish History requires a new settlement of the whole area of Lazienki Park, which is both urban and natural. The main elements of the new museum and its surrounding are: the complete covering of the highway in the project area, to restore continuity in the site; a new and large square with trees, with rectangular shape, instead of an enlargement of the Plac Na Rozdrozu, aligned along the magnificent axis of the Ujazdowskie Boulevard, which orders and regulates the entire city; a new hierarchy of green, with the new areas added to the existing historical parts; a large door, located on ul. Jazdow, which becomes the main and official entrance of the new museum; the cubic volume, fully glazed and surrounded by trees, which rises from the park as a large lighting crystal, which is in relationship with the volume of the castle and completes this wonderful part of the “Skarp Warszawska”; a land design with empty and full parts with various parterre of green, water and paved; the great hall with circular plan, containing the “Temple of Image” with its strong innovative program.