BAC residential complex cadro, lugano_project_competition
CIV residential building riva caccia, lugano_realized
COS residential building and hotel, cornaredo_project_in progress
CUS residential complex ginkgo, cureglia_in execution
GON urban district S. Maria, Gordola,_project_competition (1.prize)_in progress
HOL new facilities hotel splendide royal, lugano_project_in progress
MER house extension, morcote_project_in progress
RAS residential and commercial buildings, massagno_in execution
RIC3 elderly residence, magliaso_realized
TEC national sport center, tenero_project_competition
BRI residential buildings, brissago_project_in progress
LON residential building, losone_project_in progress
MUR administrative and commercial quarter mondia, camorino_masterplan_competition
ROV ricucitura roveredo, residential and public district, roveredo_project_competition (1. prize)_in progress
PEV one family house, pregassona_project_in progress
SAC residential buildings, cassarate_realized
TEN piazza stazione quarter, tesserete_project_competition (1.prize)_in progress
TEP residential building via trevano, lugano_project_in progress
BEK multi - functional building, bellinzona_project
BIN residential building, bioggio_preliminary project
COS polifuncional building, cornaredo_preliminary project
HOL new masterplan hotel splendide royal, lugano_project_in progress
NIB residential building, bioggio_preliminary project
RIC3 house renovation, magliaso_project_in progress
SAR residential building, cassarate_project_in progress
CUR residential complex zinnia park, cureglia_realized
ALB residential building, viganello_preliminary studio
BIF residential buildings, bioggio_project_in progress
CUS residential building, cureglia_project_competition (1. prize)_in progress
MUN residential building, muzzano_preliminary study
PIC renovation apartment, lugano_project
SOR residential building, sorengo_preliminary study
COT swimming pool, cortivallo_preliminary studio
CUR residential buildings zinnia park, cureglia_project_in progress
GRE residential building, gravesano_project
MAM residential building, massagno_preliminary study
NAR sport facility and stadium, cornaredo, lugano_project_competition
NAT villa extension, sorengo_project with Joao Nunes
REP house renovation, pregassona_realized
SEC public space historic center, sessa_project_competition (1.prize)
VAM residential building, viganello_preliminary study
CIB hotel, chiasso_preliminary study
CIV residential building riva caccia, lugano_project_in progress
GAL residential building, algeri_project
PEG residential building, pregassona_project
RAN commercial park grancia, lugano_preliminary study
COL chocolat shop, chiasso_realized
GAK villa renovation, sant'antonio_preliminary study
GOK residential building, savosa_preliminary study
GOV residential building, canobbio_preliminary study
MAP residential building, magliaso_preliminary study
MOV residential building, lugano_preliminary study
NEL architectural re-styling, viganello_project
REK residential complex, zurich_project
RAS residential and commercial building, massagno_project
ROD villa, montagnola_project
RUN single family house, ronco_project
SAC residential buildings, cassarate_project_in progress
SAD house renovation, viganello_project
SUM scuola media, caslano_project_competition
TAZ lugano_preliminary study
TOR residential building, pregassona_project
TUR sviluppo dell'area di campo, lugano_project_competition
BAG polifunctional building, biasca_project_competition
BIS hotel ibis, chiasso_project
CAB dwellings carabbia_preliminary study
CAV eight villa, collina d'oro_project
DOR house renovation, arbedo_project
FAG residential buildings, agno_project
FAL one family house extension, tesserete_realized
FAP apartment renovation, pregassona_project
FUP residential building, paradiso_preliminary study
FUP funicolare residential building, paradiso_project
GAP residential building, gandria_project
LAG residential complex, montagnola_project_competition (1.prize)
LES pavillon public space, lugano_preliminary study
LOS four tower residential buildings, locarno_preliminary study
MAG residential building, magliaso_preliminary study
MAL residential building, caslano_preliminary study
MAN house renovation, lugano_project
MAT commercial service, agno_preliminary study
MEG residential building, mendrisio_preliminary study
MOT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
PAK single family house, pakostane_project
POM2 swimming pool, pregassona_project
RAS residential buildings, massagno_preliminary study
RIS residential building, cureglia_preliminary study
TAM commercial building, agno_project
TAR residential building, caslano_project
TOC residential building, ponte capriasca_preliminary study
VIT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
VIZ house renovation, lugano_project
ZIM commercial center_riazzino_project
BEZ house renovation, besazio_project
CAM2 offices and commercial building, lugano_project
CAN house renovation, carona_project
CAP2 apartment, pregassona_project
CAT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
COR five residential buildings, cortina d'ampezzo_project_competition
DES residential building, delèmont_preliminary study
DOL offices and residential building, lugano_project
DUT2 residence, comano_project
FAR two residential buildings, collina d'oro_project
MEB hotel interior design, bien_project
MIS apartment renovation, milano_project
NIZ single family house, mendrisio_project
PAD apartment renovation, paradiso_project
PAH house renovation, montagnola_project
PEC tivu' complex, comano_realized
PAZ McDonald's, lugano - pazzallo_preliminary study
RAV single family house, savosa_project
SAV residential building, savosa_preliminary study
SOM lugano,moncucco_preliminary study
TAS apartment renovation, lugano_project
VAR museum of polish history, warsaw_project_competition
BAB housing extension, bucarest_project
BEN residential house, bucarest_project
CAP apartment, pregassona_project
CEL four residential building, castagnola_project
CIP hotel, paradiso_project
DEF campus of technology, bolovani_project
GIL restaurant renovation, lugano_project
LAL garage extention, lugaggia_in execution
MAN residential building, comano_project
MOX hotel renovation, montreaux_project
PAX hotel, paradiso_project
PEC2 residential buildings, comano_project
PIV single family house, prishtina_realized in partnership with MA+P
POM residential building renovation, pregassona_realized
RAL house extention and renovation, arbedo_project
REB multifuctional building, bioggio_project
REM hotel, minusio_project
RIC1 elderly people residence, magliaso_realized
RIC2 elderly people residence, magliaso_project
SAM residence, massagno_project
SEG residence, castagnola_project
SIB3 single family houses, domnesti_project
TUD single family house, vama veche_project
ZAP elderly people center, pregassona_project_competition
BOW stock exchange building, bucarest_project
CIR warehouse, mendrisio_preliminary study
DEL residential and commercial building, davos_realized in partnership with Urs
DIC3 multi - functional building, davos_project
DOB1 residential building, davos_project
DOB2 residential building, davos_project
DUR residence, davos_project in partnership with Urs
FOR single family house, origlio_project
GIC hair stylist saloon, chiasso_project
GIM apartment renovation, milano_realized
GOR residential complex, gondola_project
GOS house renovation, cart_project
KUD residential and commercial building, davos_project
LOR hotel, locarno_in execution
MOP residence and hotel complex, paradiso_realized
MUZ1 single family house, muzzano_project
MUZ2 single family house, muzzano_project
MUZ3 sigle family house, muzzano_project
NID residential complex, paradiso_project
PAL urbanistic plan, bucarest_project
PAM1 residence, porza_project
PAM2 residence, porza_project
PEC1 five single family houses, comano_project
RIZ mezzovico - vira_preliminary study
SET residential complex, soregno_preliminary study
SOL tourist village, davos_project
SUB apartment renovation, bucarest_project
VID residential complex, davos_project in partnership with Urs
VIM single family house, montagnola_realized
WED multi - functional building, davos_project in partnership with Urs
BAM single family house, sonvico_project
BUN coffe shop, bucarest_project
CIN matthey house, aldesago_realized
DAG1 single family house, montagnola_project
DAG2 single family house, montagnola_project
DIC1 multi - functional building, davos_project
DIC2 multi - functional building, davos_project
DUT single family house, comano_realized
GAM factory building, bioggio_project
KOR hotel, klosters_project in partnership with Urs
LEF single family house, lugano_project in partnership with Urs
LEM single family house, davesco_concept
LOB technological campus, bucarest_project
MAS residential building, ascona_project
MIR residential building, morcote_project
PAD restaurant renovation, paradiso_realized
PAT house, montagnola_project
PEB1 single family house, montagnola_realized
PEB2 single family house, montagnola_realized
PEL hotel, agno_project
POB disco, bucarest_realized
RID hotel, davos_project in partnership with Urs
ROM multi - functional building, bucarest_realized
TEV single family house, barbengo_project
TON three residential buildings, agno_realized
BAL residential complex, bucarest_project
BAV hotel, bucarest_project
BIR swimming pool, brescia_project_competition
BIX two single houses, breganzona_project
COD single family house, morbio superiore_realized
DAL apartment, bucarest_project
DAT holiday apartments, davos_project_competition
DOF single family house, davos_project
FAB interior design, brè_project
FAM residence, ponte tresa_realized
GIS holiday house, s-chanf_realized
GOM residential building, morcote_project
KON apartment, kiev_project
LAS2 residential building, massagno_project
LIR apartment renovation, val d'intelvi_realized
LIT apartment, lugano_project
LIV1 single family house, vernate_project
LOC residence, locarno_project
LUB single family house, lucerna_project_competition
MIP residential building, pregassona_project
NOR residence, manno_realized
POL single family house, vernate_realized
RIM study for prefabricated houses_project
SIB single family houses complex, bucarest_realized
SIM residential complex, porza_preliminary study
TAT interior design, campione d'italia_realized
TED "zattera" on the lake, lugano_project
TIK multi - functional buildings, kiev_project
CIN matthey house, aldesago_project
CIT single family house, magliaso_realized
GAN house restlyling, gandria_preliminary study
JAK interior design, kiev_project
JAV single family house, montagnola_project
KAL single family house, kiev_realized
LAS residential building, massagno_realized
LAS1 residential building, massagno_project
LOM house renovation, breganzona_project
MAG single family house and nursery, gentilino_ project
MAR congress center, lugano_project_competition in partnership with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
MOL single family house, carabbietta_project
POR residence, morcote_realized
RAG shop, lugano_realized
TAS culltural and touristic center, ascona_project_competition
VIL house montagnola, lugano_project
DAR darsena, lugano_project
DEV residence, sessa_project
DOM single family house, morbio inferior_realized
FAN single family house, como_project
MAB dental surgery, lugano_project
MAD bar, lugano_project
NAP house renovation, breganzona_realized
NOV multi-functionall building, basel_project_competition in partnership with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
RAM residence, caslano_realized
ROL administrative building, zurich_project
SAP residential complex, manno_project
SIL pedestrian walkway, zurich_project
SIN single family house, sonvico_project
TAN residential building, montagnola_project
VAN disco renovation, riazzino_project
WES single family house, rotterdam_project
ZOL car park, zurich_realized
CAM commercial space, lugano_project
DIS disco, st.moritz_project
GAD grüenipark residential building, davos_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
GAR residence renovation, sorengo_realized
LAM interior design, pavia_in execution
MIC single family house, muzzano_realized
TAG interior design, zurich_realized
ZAS restaurant, lugano_project
ZES administrative building, zeist_project_competition in partnership with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
BER single family house, pregassona_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
CAS casinò, lugano_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
CON semidetached house, sessa_ project with Carlo Ceccolini
HAR regional parliament, harlem_project_competition in partnership with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
LOK ferrari garage, pambio_project with Carlo Ceccolini
MIL european library, milano_project_competition in partnership with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
RON single family house, davesco_project with Carlo Ceccolini
SPA single family house, breganzona_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
TES hotel renovation, tesserete_project with Carlo Ceccolini
BOT turistic complex, menaggio_project with Carlo Ceccolini
BRI house renovation, porza_project with Carlo Ceccolini
DAS holidaz house renovation, davos_project with Carlo Ceccolini
GRA four single family houses, gravesano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
HIG car park, gandria_project with Carlo Ceccolini
JAS house renovation, lugano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
MOR single family house, coldrerio_project with Carlo Ceccolini
VIG car park, viganello_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
CAR residence,yurich_project with Carlo Ceccolini
CIS mountain lodge, cristallina_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
DEM single family house, zurich_project with Carlo Ceccolini
GUC single family house, pregassona_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
MAT vertical garden, lugano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
MEC single family house, carona_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
PAR facilities on the lakeside, paradiso_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
PRI disco, lugano_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
REL villa extension and renovation, sorengo_project with Carlo Ceccolini
ROS single family house, bioggio_project_competition with Josep Lluis Mateo, Map architects
STU student residence, mendrisio_project with Carlo Ceccolini
WAG residence in zurich_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
COM ferrari showroom, lugano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
KEP single family house, vico morcote_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
MEN student campus, mendrisio_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
MOD theology faculty, lugano_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
NAS theology university, lugano_preliminary study with Carlo Ceccolini
PAS cultural center, paradiso_preliminary study with Carlo Ceccolini
TER single family house, hilterfingen_project with Carlo Ceccolini
FUS single family house, pregassona_project with Carlo Ceccolini
KUR casinò, lugano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
SEP holiday house, brusimpiano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
STO single family house, gentilino_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
BAS residential complex, biasca_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
CAV bar, tenero_project with Carlo Ceccolini
COR residential complex, castel san pietro_project with Carlo Ceccolini
KAB office, lugano_project with Carlo Ceccolini
SAB military building, s.bernardino_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
TEK kursaal theatre, lugano_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
KES single family house, montagnola_project with Carlo Ceccolini
NIC single family house, gentilino_project with Carlo Ceccolini
VIC semidetached house, vico morcote_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
VIR public square, vira_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
VIS housing renovation, gandria_project with Carlo Ceccolini
FUM three apartments, breganzona_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
GAN house renovation, gandria_project with Carlo Ceccolini
LUZ military barracks, lucerna_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
MON civic center, montagnola_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
ROT single family house, tesserete_project with Carlo Ceccolini
TIZ house renovation, gandria_project with Carlo Ceccolini
BEL single family house, figino_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
BES elementary school, breganzona_project with Carlo Ceccolini
GEN house renovation, como_project with Carlo Ceccolini
MOC house renovation, como_project with Carlo Ceccolini and Renato Monetti
RAD single family house, figino_realized with Carlo Ceccolini
DES residential complex,dèlemont_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
PIN commercial center, grancia_project with Carlo Ceccolini
BAN bank, dèlemont_project with Carlo Ceccolini
MOS office, munchen_project with Carlo Ceccolini
LEC architecture museum, antwerp_project_competition with Carlo Ceccolini
MAC house, concept with Carlo Ceccolini
MAV four family houses, theoretical project with Carlo Ceccolini
RIF four houses, concept with Carlo Ceccolini
SAN house, concept with Carlo Ceccolini