CIV residential building riva caccia, lugano_realized
COS residential building and hotel, cornaredo_project_in progress
CUS residential complex ginkgo, cureglia_in execution
HOL recreational area splendide hotel, lugano_project_in progress
MER house extension, morcote_project_in progress
RAS residential and commercial buildings, massagno_in execution
RIC3 elderly residence, magliaso_realized
TEC national sport center, tenero_project_competition
BRI residential buildings, brissago_project_in progress
LON residential building, losone_project_in progress
MUR administrative and commercial quarter mondia, camorino_masterplan_in progress
ROV ricucitura roveredo, residential and public district, roveredo_project_competition (1. prize)_in progress
PEV one family house, pregassona_project_in progress
SAC residential buildings, cassarate_realized
TEN piazza stazione quarter, tesserete_project_competition (1.prize)_in progress
TEP residential building via trevano, lugano_project_in progress
BEK multi - functional building, bellinzona_project
BIN residential building, bioggio_preliminary project
COS polifuncional building, cornaredo_preliminary project
HOL new masterplan hotel splendide royal, lugano_project_in progress
NIB residential building, bioggio_preliminary project
RIC3 house renovation, magliaso_project_in progress
SAR residential building, cassarate_project_in progress
CUR residential complex zinnia park, cureglia_realized
ALB residential building, viganello_preliminary studio
BIF residential buildings, bioggio_project_in progress
CUS residential building, cureglia_project_competition (1. prize)_in progress
MUN residential building, muzzano_preliminary study
PIC renovation apartment, lugano_project
SOR residential building, sorengo_preliminary study
COT swimming pool, cortivallo_preliminary studio
CUR residential buildings zinnia park, cureglia_project_in progress
GRE residential building, gravesano_project
MAM residential building, massagno_preliminary study
NAR sport facility and stadium, cornaredo, lugano_project_competition
NAT villa extension, sorengo_project
REP house renovation, pregassona_realized
SEC public space historic center, sessa_project_competition (1.prize)
VAM residential building, viganello_preliminary study
CIB hotel, chiasso_preliminary study
CIV residential building riva caccia, lugano_project_in progress
GAL residential building, algeri_project
PEG residential building, pregassona_project
RAN commercial park grancia, lugano_preliminary study
COL chocolat shop, chiasso_realized
GAK villa renovation, sant'antonio_preliminary study
GOK residential building, savosa_preliminary study
GOV residential building, canobbio_preliminary study
MAP residential building, magliaso_preliminary study
MOV residential building, lugano_preliminary study
REK residential complex, zurich_project
RAS residential and commercial building, massagno_project
ROD villa, montagnola_project
RUN single family house, ronco_project
SAC residential buildings, cassarate_project_in progress
SAD house renovation, viganello_project
SUM scuola media, caslano_project_competition
TAZ lugano_preliminary study
TOR residential building, pregassona_project
TUR sviluppo dell'area di campo, lugano_project_competition
BAG polifunctional building, biasca_project_competition
BIS hotel ibis, chiasso_project
CAB dwellings carabbia_preliminary study
CAV eight villa, collina d'oro_project
DOR house renovation, arbedo_project
FAG residential buildings, agno_project
FAL one family house extension, tesserete_project_realized
FAP apartment renovation, pregassona_project
FUP residential building, paradiso_preliminary study
FUP funicolare residential building, paradiso_project
GAP residential building, gandria_project
LAG residential complex_montagnola_project_competition (1.prize)
LES pavillon public space, lugano_preliminary study
LOS four tower residential buildings, locarno_preliminary study
MAG residential building, magliaso_preliminary study
MAL residential building, caslano_preliminary study
MAN house renovation, lugano_project
MAT commercial service, agno_preliminary study
MEG residential building, mendrisio, preliminary study
MOT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
PAK single family house, pakostane_project
POM2 swimming pool, pregassona_project
RAS residential buildings, massagno_preliminary study
RIS residential building, cureglia_preliminary study
TAM commercial building, agno_project
TAR residential building, caslano_project
TOC residential building, ponte capriasca_preliminary study
VIT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
VIZ house renovation, lugano_project
ZIM commercial center_riazzino_project
BEZ house renovation, besazio_project
CAM2 offices and commercial building, lugano_project
CAN house renovation, carona_project
CAP2 apartment, pregassona_project
CAT residential building, lugano_preliminary study
COR five residential buildings, cortina d'ampezzo_project_competition
DES residential building, delèmont_preliminary study
DOL offices and residential building, lugano_project
DUT2 residence, comano_project
FAR two residential buildings, collina d'oro_project
MEB hotel interior design, bien_project
MIS apartment renovation, milano_project
NIZ single family house, mendrisio_project
PAD apartment renovation, paradiso_project
PAH house renovation, montagnola_project
PEC single family houses, comano_realized
PAZ McDonald's, lugano - pazzallo_preliminary study
RAV single family house, savosa_project
SAV residential building, savosa_preliminary study
SOM lugano_moncucco_preliminary study
TAS apartment renovation, lugano_project
VAR museum, warsaw_project_competition
BAB housing extension, bucarest_project
BEN residential house, bucarest_project
CAP apartment, pregassona_project
CEL four residential building, castagnola_project
CIP hotel, paradiso_project
DEF campus of technology, bolovani_project
GIL restaurant renovation, lugano_project
LAL garage extention, lugaggia_execution
MAN residential building, comano_project
MOX hotel renovation, montreaux_project
PAX hotel, paradiso_project
PEC2 residential buildings, comano_project
PIV single family house, pristina_realized
POM residential building renovation, pregassona_realized
RAL house extention and renovation, arbedo_project
REB multifuctional building, bioggio_project
REM hotel, minusio_project
RIC1 elderly people residence, magliaso_realized
RIC2 elderly people residence and services, magliaso_project
SAM residence, massagno_project
SEG residence, castagnola_project
SIB3 single family houses, domnesti_project
TUD single family house, vama veche_project
ZAP elderly people center, pregassona_project_competition
BOW stock exchange building, bucarest_project
CIR warehouse, mendrisio_preliminary study
DEL residential and commercial building, davos_realized
DIC3 multi - functional building, davos_project
DOB1 residential building, davos_project
DOB2 residential building, davos_project
DUR residence, davos_project
FOR single family house, origlio_project
GIC hair stylist saloon, chiasso_project
GIM apartment renovation, milano_realized
GOR residential complex, gondola_project
GOS house renovation, cart_project
KUD residential and commercial building, davos_project
LOR hotel, locarno_execution
MOP residence and hotel complex, paradiso_realized
MUZ1 single family house, muzzano_project
MUZ2 single family house, muzzano_project
MUZ3 single family sigle family house, muzzano_project, muzzano_project
NID residential complex, paradiso_project
PAL urbanistic plan, bucarest_project
PAM1 residence, porza_project
PAM2 residence, porza_project
PEC1 five single family houses, comano_project
RIZ mezzovico - vira_preliminary study
SET residential complex, soregno_preliminary study
SOL tourist village, davos_project
SUB apartment renovation, bucarest_project
VID residential complex, davos_project
VIM single family house, montagnola_realized
WED multi - functional building, davos_project
BAM single family house, sonvico_project
BUN coffe shop, bucarest_project
CIN single family house, aldesago_realized
DAG1 single family house, montagnola_project
DAG2 single family house, montagnola_project
DIC1 multi - functional building, davos_project
DIC2 multi - functional building, davos_project
DUT single family house, comano_realized
GAM factory building, bioggio_project
KOR hotel, klosters_project
LEF single family house, lugano_project
LEM single family house, davesco_concept
LOB technological campus, bucarest_project
MAS residential building, ascona_project
MIR residential building, morcote_project
PAD restaurant renovation, paradiso_realized
PAT house, montagnola_project
PEB1 single family house, montagnola_realized
PEB2 single family house, montagnola_realized
PEL hotel, agno_project
POB disco, bucarest_realized
RID hotel, davos_project
ROM multi - functional building, bucarest_realized
TEV single family house, barbengo_project
TON three residential buildings, agno_realized
BAL residential complex, bucarest_project
BAV hotel, bucarest_project
BIR swimming pool, brescia_project_competition
BIX two single houses, breganzona_project
COD single family house, morbio superiore_realized
DAL apartment, bucarest_project
DAT holiday apartments, davos_project_competition
DOF single family house, davos_project
FAB interior design, brè_project
FAM residence, ponte tresa_realized
GIS holiday house, s-chanf_realized
GOM residential building, morcote_project
KON apartment, kiev_project
LAS2 residential building, massagno_project
LIR apartment renovation, val d'intelvi_realized
LIT apartment, lugano_project
LIV1 single family house, vernate_project
LOC residence, locarno_project
LUB single family house, lucerna_project_competition
MIP residential building, pregassona_project
NOR residence, manno_realized
POL single family house, vernate_realized
RIM study for prefabricated houses_project
SIB single family houses complex, bucarest_realized
SIM residential complex, porza_preliminary study
TAT interior design, campione d'italia_realized
TED "zattera" on the lake, lugano_project
TIK multi - functional buildings, kiev_project
CIN single family house, aldesago_project
CIT single family house, magliaso_realized
GAN house restlyling, gandria_preliminary study
JAK interior design, kiev_project
JAV single family house, montagnola_project
KAL single family house, kiev_realized
LAS residential building, massagno_realized
LAS1 residential building, massagno_project
LOM house renovation, breganzona_project
MAG single family house and nursery, gentilino_ project
MAR congress center, lugano_project_competition
MOL single family house, carabbietta_project
POR residence, morcote_realized
RAG shop, lugano_realized
TAS cultural and touristic center, ascona_project_competition
DAR darsena, lugano_project
DEV residence, sessa_project
DOM single family house, morbio inferiore_realized
FAN single family house, como_project
MAB dental surgery, lugano_project
MAD bar, lugano_project
NAP house renovation, breganzona_realized
NOV multi - functional building, basel_project_competition
RAM residence, caslano_realized
ROL administrative building, zurich_project
SAP residential complex, manno_project
SIL pedestrian walkway, zurich_project
SIN single family house, sonvico_project
TAN residential building, montagnola_project
VAN disco renovation, riazzino_project
WES single family house_rotterdam_project
ZOL car park, zurich_realized
CAM commercial space, lugano_project
CC public place, lugano_preliminary study
DIS disco, st. moritz_project
GAD residential building, davos_realized
GAR residence renovation, sorengo_realized
LAM interior design, pavia_execution
MIC single family house, muzzano_realized
TAG interior design, zurich_realized
ZAS restaurant, lugano_project
ZES administrative building, zeis_project_competition
BER single family house, pregassona_realized
CAS casinò, lugano_realized
CON semidetached house, sessa_project
HAR regional parliament, harlem_project_competition
LOK ferrari garage, pambio_project
MIL library, milano_project_competition
RON single family house, davesco_project
SPA single family house, breganzona_realized
TES hotel renovation, tesserete_project
BOT tourist complex, menaggio_project
BRI house renovation, porza_project
DAS holiday house renovation, davos_project
GRA four single family houses, gravesano_project
HIG car park, gandria
JAS house renovation, lugano_project
MOR single family house, coldrerio_project
VIG car park, viganello_project_competition
CAR residence, zurich_project
CIS mountain lodge, cristallina_project_competition
DEM single family house, zurich_project
GUC single family house, pregassona_realized
MAT vertical garden, lugano_project
MEC single family house, carona_realized
PAR facilities on the lakeside, paradiso_project_competition
PRI disco, lugano_realized
REL villa extension and renovation, sorengo_project
ROS single family house, bioggio_project
SAL congress center, ascona_project_competition
STU student residence, mendrisio_project
WAG residence, zurich_realized
COM ferrari showroom, lugano_project
KEP single family house, vico morcote_realized
MEN student campus, mendrisio_project_competition
MOD theology faculty, lugano_project_competition
NAS theology university, lugano_preliminary study
PAS cultural center, paradiso_preliminary study
TER single family house, hilterfingen_project
FUS single family house, pregassona_project
KUR casinò, lugano_project
SEP holiday house, brusimpiano_project
STO single family house, gentilino_realized
BAS residential complex, biasca_project_competition
CAV bar, tenero_project
COR residential complex, castel san pietro_project
KAB office, lugano_project
SAB military building, s. bernardino_project_competition
TEK theatre, lugano_project_ competition
KES single family house, montagnola_project
NIC single family house, gentilino_project
VIC semidetached house, vico morcote_realized
VIR public square, vira_project_competition
VIS housing renovation, gandria_project
FUM three apartments_breganzona_realized
LUZ military barracks, lucerna_project_competition
MON civic center, montagnola_project_competition
ROT single family house, tesserete_project
TIZ house renovation, clivio_project
BEL single family house, figino_realized
BES elementary school, breganzona_project
GEN house renovation, como_project
MOC house renovation, como_project
RAD single family house, figino_realized
DES residential complex, dèlemont_project_competition
PIN commercial center, grancia_project
BAN bank, delèmont_project
MOS office, munchen_project
LEC architecture museum, antwerp_project_competition
MAC single family house_concept
MAV four family houses_theoretical project
RIF four houses_concept
SAN house in the wood_concept