february 2018

sac residential buildings published in the

book “schweizer baudokumentation”


december 2017
the construction of buildings 99 and 101 in Massagno began


september 2017

our project was chosen for the future

of the new S. Maria district in Gordola


june 2017

the project for a new spa and swimming pool

at splendide hotel has been approved


may 2017

rolex mentor and protégé arts initiative

luca gazzaniga guest critic at ETH zürich


april 2017

riva caccia 2 residential building in lugano completed


february 2017

ginkgo residential complex in cureglia under construction


january 2017

roveredo: 65% of the citizens voted for the project “ricucitura roveredo”


november 2016

luca gazzaniga’s contribution in the book “reminiscence”


may 2016

sac residential building has partecipated at SIA days 2016


march 2016

competition tesserete town square planning, 1st prize


april 2016

new roveredo town center competition, 1st prize